About Me

Hi, Welcome to Gethin Online.

Hi, My name is Gethin, a software engineer which has majored in computer science and 8 years working experience in foreign fen-tech enterprises and famous internet companies like Honeywell, Tencent, etc.

My goal is to be a software architect, I'm good at System Architecture & Refactoring & Design, Technical Research & Selection, Project Risk Identification. I also like research the cloud architect design.

Strong learning capability, efficient communication, agile project management, strong implementation capacity, rapid technology selection is my advantage.

I'm familiar with OOP, SOA, AOP, MVC, MVVM, EDA, BDD, DDD, Micro Service, Cloud Architecture, SPA etc. I value coding standards based on SOLID and know the common styles of Architecture & UML.

l excellent in C#/.Net Technology, Proficient in traditional .NET Technology like WCF,WEB API,MVC,WPF & have good command of the modern .NET CORE Technology like RabbitMQ, Azure, K8S, Docker,etc.

As a certified scrum master, I'm good at found the issue of Agile Technology and Flow, I understand the life cycle of software & DevOps which makes the technology landing and integration quickly.

I have good command of with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SP, EF, Redis. Familiar with mobile IOS development, Cordova.Good to know Vue, React, JavaScript, Jquary etc.

我的技术蓝图: https://gethin.online/blog/blueprint




精通C#/.NET开发,熟悉Python,精通传统.NET相关技术WCF,WEBAPI,MVC,WPF并熟练掌握现代.NET开发技术.NET Core, RabbitMQ, Azure, K8S, Docker 等。

认证Scrum Master,善于发现和解决敏捷开发中的各种技术和流程问题,熟知软件开发生命周期SDLC。


了解SQL Server,Oracle,MySQL,存储过程,EF,Redis。